Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The OFP has been working and fighting for  the dignity and the rights of the integrity of women,for 40 years in Barrancabermeja and across the Magdalena Medio region,by promoting education, the involvement and popular participation,tranformation of the reality as the only way out. Always with an active resistence attitude  toward the armed conflict and to any kind of violence under the principles of autonomy and civility. 

 Along this 40 years we have been withstanding the cruelty of this armed conflict and the violence of the "legal" and illegal armed actors, ressisting against the state repression, pursuit, threats and unjustices... only with the joint effort,open spaces, visibility, owing to the social networks and solidarity ties. Thanks to people like you,that give us support back, financially and political, people from Colombia and other countries, and continents  People that give us strenth to keep on figthting for peace and social justice in Colombia.

Financial support  from individuals, businesses and institutions, help us to finance our projects  that cover health, education, food sovereignty, and so on. Political back support and the national and international spreading our project, make visible and denunce the situation of women on the frame of conflict, to raise awarness and condem the situation in our country.

Your cooperation is essencial and helps us to coninue standing.

Do not hesitate, we need you.

How you can help